Weird Scam

I met a random dude at the world “buy” he said he wants me to show some glitch he found in his world

He put some plats and gave me a small lock and asked me to place it and give him full rights, and then he said if I think that he scams, he would give me the prize even before the game starts, it was an Anubis sword he traded it and when I try to tap on the trade “pop up” he cancels it and he uses the soil suit and he traded me again, this time when I was about to tap it the trade pop up disappeared and the “mannequin swap your clothes” option appeared, and I was one tap away from losing my spirit hammer.


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This is an old scam. They trick you into pressing the switch clothes with mannequin button.

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This scam exist since Mannequins realized into the game

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Well I realized it now

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Just wear untradeable item to avoid getting scammed

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You don’t even have to do that by the way! It’s incredibly silly because there’s still going to be a confirmation pop-up (If you’re not the owner of the world)

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I was the owner of that world and he wanted rights to a small lock

So it won’t require any popup for the owner to swap items. as soon as I do it, he swaps it from the mannequin.

if the scammer is quick enough they can put rule bots then the mannequin so not even untradeables are going to save ya


the confirmation appears only when ur the owner of the world and someone has full rights to the wl thats why they tell u to place small locks
im not sure if it also appears when u have full rights in someone else’s world but then again they can use small locks

if scammer will put rule bot you will able ti break or recall it bcs you ar eowner of that world

yea but what of what use will a few hundred bc bot be after you lost possibly millions of bc

i dont think that people that have so many bytes will get scammed by this way.
This scam can be easily fixed if the devs will add popup for owners

people are dumber than you think, i know someone who lost tormentor wings to this

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what about “frosty gaze” item

that has no effect a rule bot can remove so it is safe but not every dumb player has it

It’s easy .

Stop falling for dumb ideas or suggestions…

I was once offered free wings inside a SL from a mannequin - of course the scammer thinks you’ll unknowingly use the switch to take them . Instantly locking down what you switched from

Basically no one is doing stuff like this out of the goodness of their heart

Today someone even tried to scam me on a trade at Pixel station. Switching the item out hoping I wouldn’t notice …

Such a dumb a##!

Use your brain :brain: if anyone says those immortal words ‘… Come to my world for this or that …’ it’s all BS. :poop:


Ig you’re right, but he didn’t put no mannequin or anything, he said place a lock and he wanted me to break it again and place it somewhere else.

I was curious what this guy was gonna do, anyways as I was breaking my lock he placed a mannequin, Thanks to my quick reflexes I stopped as soon as I saw the mannequin symbol popping up.