Weird stars

As u can see on this picture there somehow spawned such weird yellow stars on my screen.
Im not sure why and how, but they spawned so yeah.
Just to say.
After reloading the game they were gone.

Were they on your UI, or at that specific place in the world?

this happening to me when i trying to play with a tablet for the first time
but it was a fish emoji
this shock me out after i saw the fish thing :fish: < the same fish

It’s an old bug, I think it happen when someone use a lot emoji in a same message


wait what?
i dont even using emoji it spawned lol

I remember seeing something like that a long time ago, if I recall correctly, those emojis were part of a Global Message.

Correct. This bug is certainly bringing back a lot of nostalgia, reminds me of the “ghost towns” bug as well.

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