Weird World Glitch

So i have this world named PANTAI2, I have my stuff innit and everything. I stopped playing for about almost a year or something, and i think my world lock is already decayed, so PANTAI2 was taken by someone else. But the problem is, PANTAI2 was still on my world list, like you know you have that thing that can warp you to the worlds that you own, yeah PANTAI2 was still on my World’s List. Although it was already taken and owned by someone else. Its weird tho, cuz i didnt left it for a year exactly, like its not reaching 365 days yet, but its already decayed. Can someone explain this to me?

You’ve either let time fly by a bit too much or you just didn’t use a WL.
Remember the noob lock is only a month before it decays!

Clan lock lasts: 10 years with inactivity
Regular lock/ dark lock/ platinum lock : 365 days with inactivity
Small/Medium/Large/ lock : 90 days
Newbie lock: 30 days