Well dang

I haven’t touched these forums in what felt like months, and I only got 1 single notification and it was a like… Damn, I miss the old times where I could wake up to a few notifs


Lurk… post more.

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:potato: :potato: :potato: :+1: :+1: :+1:

There used to be interesting topics worth replying to before, now the forums are an outlet for banned people to complain.


I hope this notifies you

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ngl tho all I see is “I got false banned” things

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it’s always a blessing to get a notif from you

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That is such a lovely thing to say, I’m touched :blush:

Well dang indeed, even though I hate you some time you says something good, you even create those fishing.jpg to help those noobs, gonna give you probs for that.