Welp, I finally joined the "falsely banned" gang

Someone said trans rights and I said everyone should have rights. You know who started harassing me as usual. I woke up to a 30 day ban

maybe you should read what you said after “everyone should have rights”…?
30 days seems to much nevertheless but I would not like to get very involved.

I think getting death threats from 5 players if you gm about coming out as trans constitutes for saying the game is full of bigoted children.

It’s an irrefutable fact

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I want to see players given short bans for the ‘n’ word. Especially those who taunt other players with it … ironically they often claim to be black .

I don’t care what colour they are just don’t do it.

Btw 30 is way too long , that’s dumb

Ontol gang on top baby :skull::skull::skull:

saw your post on insta, surprised to see. Anyway its sad to see pixel worlds become like this

Lmao Retnos activated friendly fire, but I mean you will survive 30 days without pixel worlds😖

It wasn’t retnos that did that

welcome back after the ban, this time Neoslayer is right as RetNos was demoted from game mod

I believe she just took a break not demoted

Thanks, and good in both cases


Not trigger happy enough.
Too sensible…

Man the decisions made by those in charge are dumb.

The ONLY mod I ever saw in game .

i am not really sure if it was a demotion or a step down, but either way i will not tell about it here

Nah retnos usually sits in forums, not in game

What are you even talking about? I’m just on break from in-game moderation atm.