What a nice prize!

totally worth 50BC :slight_smile:

I hate when this happens.

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Welcome to secretbase. where you waste thousands of byte coins buying blue particles just to get nothing from SB

eh i have got prizes worth 5bc in total

Secret Base is like buying a booster, but you have more chances to get stuff, and there is fun gameplay along the way. You may not always get what you want, but at least you had fun.


Wasting a lot on particles is fine because you can just sell the keys and you’ll likely break even or profit (assuming your luck doesnt suck)

I for some reason really hate Secret Base. I have to go into a portal which has at least 1 OP player in it and then there’s the trolls that leave on the last possible second, leaving your BPs wasted.

I cannot solo SB at all and being alone in an instance is instant death. Though I can solo netherworld.

Just play it with your friends

There is 1 problem with that…

I don’t have any :frowning:

Without cheap items there wouldn’t be expensive items :nerd_face:

then be more likeable :nerd_face: