What a scam 😔


Oh that happens to me all the time while fishing :sadge:
probably lost over 200 bait

Don’t worry, they’re probably gonna refund you the scroll. :wink:

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Wait they actually do that? Wowzers :astonished:

Yeah lol

Well, the admin panel can do everything, according to them…

I don’t know how did they fetch their account ID though.

They just type in the username in a bar, they dont use ids.

Then the ID is completely useless.

If you dont use one thing, it means it is useless?

Yes actually, that’s what the word means.

I agree IDs are useless, they’re also complicated without any reason, just make them a number bruh.

“bUt tHaT wOuLd lEaK tHe tOtAl nUmBeR oF aCcOuNtS!”

whats the point of hiding it?
Im covering it cuz its got my full name

The devs are paranoid about leaving the stats public.



Well, depends on if it’s in that kind of order. Numeric IDs don’t have to be in any specific order, and I’d go as far as saying that most aren’t based on the total number, but based on the time it happened. For example, Discords IDs are based both on time and with a little bit of added randomness (mostly to ensure that if an action occurs on the same millisecond, you won’t get 2 of the same IDs).

Perhaps they meant other games as well.

Id didn’t knew pw has a console version too. Pixel Troopers when ?