What are all the rules to P2P?

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I have noticed that a lot of P2P worlds have been showing up and I was considering making one for myself but I know that there are a lot of disagreements about how legal or not P2P is and so to be on the safe side I came here to ask: What are all the rules to P2P? The only one I know is that the game the player is paying to play has to be a game of skill rather than a game of chance but that’s all I know. Thanks!


p2p games must be skilled based! It can be a little luck like in a p2p maze as long as its for both sides. it can’t be both sides are different. players must earn more than what they are paying. no scamming anyone (of course). you can take a small fee from people who pay but they can’t earn less than they paid!
Hope this can help a little ive never ran a p2p world

The biggest rule or p2p i think is: if you lose, you can’t get a refund, only if the other player is ok with that.

If you play tic tac toe: no tictactoe solver usage; If you play maze: no shark fin, and no speed hacking ofc:D; tower: no wings (only if both of the players want wings) and no bouncer shoes(same as the wings one); if yoou play pvp: no armor, noweapon, no wings.

I think these are the main rules. and mostly on p2p worlds there should be rules that you must read before you play.

Be caerful of hackers, always check the blacklists (if there are ones) in the p2p worlds so you know if someone you are playing is a scammer/hacker.

Always check the ratings: if its below 3.4 or smthing like that: be conserned that some minor admins of the world could be scammers.

Always ask for test runs if you play tower/maze/pvp. If you see that they can easily beat you, I don’t reccomend playing with them. You will lose wls.

Ask for the admins to use a bait for the prize, like a message in the bottle. It will prevent hackers.

After all, p2p is fun, make sure you train tictactoe, pvp, maze, tower, firedodge, jetraces.

I have been training maze for liek 3months now and I rarely lose, and I get much profit. It’s where I get most of the wls from.

Now call me a scammer, for wining vs you, and keep calling me a hacker just because I’am good.;D It motivates me. ’

No I don’t grind nether or mining. Cause it’s easier to do the same in p2p.

meow, hop this helps pr0

It’s safe unless you don’t follow the main rule.

Skill based = legal
Luck based = illegal

that’s all…


There are no rules to P2P, if it’s not gambling or scamming(or braking any other rule) then it’s alright.

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I have always had my doubts, and been against the P2P team, and to be honest, in my opinion it should be always illegal. This topic has been already discussed previously though, and I won’t enter in details.

Nevertheless, regarding to you question the developers have said:

  • If the games hosted are luck based, then it’s illegal.
  • If the games hosted are skill based, then it’s legal.

And I think, that this answer from the developers has to do with the 6th rule of the Code of conduct and rules of Pixel Worlds.

The 6th Rule

Well, like I said before, I won’t go into detail why this should be illegal anyway…

it should be skill based thats just everything, the rest of stuff u wanna allow and forbide are depending on your personal choice (to let them use potions/clothes/perks)