What are the 10 best items in the game

I’m just curious, so I want to know

There’s really no such thing as best item in this game, everything is based from one’s perspective

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what do you mean by that?
best in price, best in design, or what?

Best in item’s price

For sure dp is up there

I quess it goes like this from highest to lowest:

  1. CC Brown
  2. Long Blonde Hair
  3. Red PWR (set)
  4. Bulbie
  5. Butterfly
  6. Green PWR (set)
  7. Lava Aglais
  8. Red PWR (helmet and armor)
  9. Pink PWR (set)
  10. Red Rubber Boots

That’s what I could come up at the moment. If someone knows better please correct me as I am not entirely sure this list is correct.

Also here are some items - not putting them in any order - that I cannot put a price on but could contest the list above: Coffee Mug Mask, Lava Moth, Dark Pixie Wings, Black PWR (set as blueprints), Shogun (set as blueprints), Soul Cleaver, Dark Sprite Mask, Da Hood Sign Seed, Money Pile seed, Nether Fireball Shooter Trap Seed, MiningGemstoneTopaz, Faun Ears Block, Faun Ears Block Seed, Black Pennant Seed, Spike Bomb (weareable), Luxurious Gem Pouch (block), AK-47.

wasn’t the #1 Dracula cape?

dracula cape was duplicated so much it collapsed

ohh, so the CC brown is now the most expensive item?

is and will always be

also what is the #5 butterfly?

It’s a familiar and the main prize of the Butterfly Quest. It is super expensive because how hard it is to get despise it not being a limited item.
Also unfortunately a small number of them were duplicated and only a real Butterfly that is not duplicated is actually that expensive.

So out of interest how would you tell the difference?

Interesting list btw

The perspective comment above is bang on.

My own #1 would be an AK47

I recently noticed one sold on pwe for only 1m .

I could have afforded that. Gutted i didn’t see it…

That said I’m not glued to PWE like so many of those who manipulate the system …

By the age, there are several with the same age and some with hacked age.

My bro and I both picked up an obsie at same time and we even gave them the same name . So they are not hacked

Also pw does the Pet days where for that few day period players can get older familiar. I did this recently myself with the budgie. I also since bought one from another player which is same age as one I got (albeit named).

As such I’m not sure its the best method … :thinking: a guide for sure .

Btw are you still playing? i used to see you around but not so much recently…

Anyway thanks for the input,…

Enjoy midsummer everyone

It can’t be the same for Butterfly, you know it is only available in the Butterfly Quest and insanely hard to obtain. Besides, the duplicator himself was selling Butterfly familiars for money, all of them with the same age.

And for this, at times I’m more active and less active. Though I tend to be less active these times.

why did bro say best instead of “most expensive” lol

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Idk :skull: (20 characters)