What are the best weapons for Nether World and Secret Base?

I’ve heard that arasaka is a good weapon and laser swords, but are there any more? It could also be a weapon that is very good for nether world, but not good for secret base or the other way around. I think I’ve asked this previously, but it’s 2020 now, are there any new better ones?

wasn’t it Laser swords?

Best for Nether is Dark sword and best for Secret base Are laser swords

Hmm, starting by the fact that the answer to this question is pretty subjective, I would say, in my personal opinion, the Blue/Green Laser Swords, since they are pretty versatile. The laser swords works fine in the NetherWorld and in the Secret Base.

Green/Blue Laser Swords are the best weapons in-game currently for nether and secretbase. There isn’t much variation and cool weapons with cool pros and cons.

Flame sword’s pretty nice. It’s really good in SecretBase and somehow still good in Nether. Reasonably cheap and nice stats.

The best weapon for Netherworld:

  • Green Laser Sword or Blue Laser Sword

The best weapon for Deep Netherworld:

  • Green Laser Sword or Blue Laser Sword

The best weapon for Secret Base:

  • Dark Sword

The piranha sword is amazing in nether.

Nope, It’s still

  • Green Laser Sword or Blue Laser Sword
    unless you fight the Secret Base boss then it’s:
  • Dark Sword
    by only 5 damage more.

Sabers ( laser swords ) are nice and not as expensive. It’s good weapons for both.

For sb I also recommend Dark Sword which deals more damage to boss than any other sword.