What are the devs currently working on?

Pixel Worlds still has a few developers left, right? Well, what exactly are they doing? We haven’t seen an update in a very long time. Are they working on an update or what is going on?


theres a new vip bonus
stuff in the shop
meaning there’s atleast one guy keeping pw goin’


The tf2 update!!! It has been around since the original devs left and they wanted to leave something epic

Hey sMiiki,

Honestly I feel the same way regarding the updates. We just have to understand that there’s just a limited amount of people working on the game right now that can help push out new stuff. A lot of stuff will be reskinned for now, and that’s okay! There’s lots of stuff in the game to hold us over for when they put out that next big update.

Keep suggesting stuff in the Game Suggestions subcategory here on the forum or in the #pw_suggestions text channel in the official Pixel Worlds discord. I know Siskea reads a lot of it over.

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