What are your thoughts about toxic players?

What are your thoughts? Or how to deal with them?

How do you deal with toxic players?
  • Leave the world
  • Ignore them
  • Give them advice
  • Give them a literal therapy lol
  • Bully back
  • Be toxic back to them
  • Give them wls for no reason

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For “What are your thoughts” you can simply reply to this thread

i play league of legends, i know how to ignore them.
toxic players will always exist in online games, but im not gonna waste my time with them lol

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Im just asking from Him/her why he is rude at me,mostly.

The most efficient method is the grey rock method.

Playing for 4 months now and I’m still wearing my set from November, never experienced one instead I help players on how to play and understand the game.

All you have to do is to report the player and press the mute button.
(Ignore that idiot)

sooo if they are a noob i might give them wls for fun too see how they react but i wouldnt really try be mean but if i have to ill bully them back yeah but mostly id give them litteral therapy

If you’re gonna ignore it, Then youre a Looser. Thats not how to deal ignorant players

I would give them wls so they can learn to be kind. But like I won’t tell them anything or idk maybe tell that I gave them for his/her kindness.

Also if I had wls… like I am not that rich xd

To be honest, it varies on how the toxic player is. I know how to deal with most of the cases, and I have developed that in my first year of my engineering career lol.

First I would let him know that what he is doing is wrong, if he continues to adopt a disruptive behavior, I would make him see reason, and if there’s no case, I would ignore him as a last resort [Due to the time I have available for it, or just because I just don’t want to keep insisting].

Ignore them usually, but sometimes I report them if the messages are too bad.