What causes a fake rise?

What is the cause? Noobs trying to break the system or what?

I think its noobs tryna break the system! Which is clearly bad making other people believing items at the wrong prices.

Petition to make noobs gone?!

They manipulate it so that they can gain profit.
They can make an item fake drop too, then buy/order those items and sell them for the correct price or then fake rise that item

Pretending to be permanent banned

They want to fraud off the prices. Droppers should be detected and get banned for attempting fraudulent scams and being a whimpy kid.

Well… price manipulation, saying that you are selling an item for the price you want, in order to make other people think that it’s the actual price of that item, even when it’s not.

Other thing that hoarders do, is to say that they got banned, in order to make their own hoarded items to rise. (Not everyone though).

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I don’t say this is simple and easy suggestion… i think every trade world owner (or the player who can keep the price economy good) should become a price moderator (different from actual moderators) and their job is keep the price real and up to date… price mods will make an item list A-Z in world with every price listed.

ye its very hard if only 1 person will watch the price… 1 price mod for every 5 letters for example.

A-E = 1 pmod
F-J = 1 pmod
K-O = 1 pmod
and so on…

Or maybe an update that shows how many {item_name} is existed in game (item from banned account don"t count) for example… Long Blonde Hair: 2

Oh i remember when only 9 months Ago dp price was 30pl

1 Word, that has always been the main motivation for most players to play the game.


i was expecting STONKS but that’s more correct

fake rising sucks but it’s also part of the games economy and in a way it happens in real life too with market manipulation.

i agree that it’s mostly greed fuelling these activities but i’m not gonna curb-stomp someone for being human.

Just think of it as people who use one account to order something for a low price, use a alt n sell it to them. They do this multiple times, so people panic and try to sell as they think the item is dropping, this is when the guy swoops in and buys a load of them to hoard.