What device do you use playing Pixel Worlds?

What device do you use playing Pixel Worlds?
  • I’m playing on PC
  • I’m playing on Mobile

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I play on both. But I prefer PC

Oh, I understand! Somethimes I play too on mobile, but I can’t do nether/mining just fishing, and I don’t like fishing, I don’t even have a fishing rod! XD

If it’s late, and I’m in bed, I’ll play on my phone. The majority of the time though, I play on PC.

Depends on the condition tho

I played Pixel Worlds on phone/mobile in 2017 , 2018.
In 2019 I remember playing at the first of it and then move to the PC since it was way more easier.

Yeah, it depends where I find myself.
If I’m at home, most likely I’d use my laptop, but if I’m outside, in the university or any other place, I always have Pixel Worlds on my phone as well.

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PC is easy to use as it gives you more room to see your screen. I also believe the controls are more slippery on mobile.

i play mostly on my pc but i use my ipad when im in bed or my phone if im outside

I always play on PC because of the keyboard controls, but I do play on my phone too for things like checking the PWE and Daily bonus

PW is really slow on my phone, but runs perfect on my PC.

PC version is just superior in many ways. I don’t trust people who use mobile as their main device.

edit: when playing PW I mean of course lmao

PC, Phone and ipad back in the Beta.

i play both but prefer mobile cause my laptop suk as heck

I’m using pw at my own windows 10, but since my pc’s charger is broken due to bending. I have no choice but to use my small realms phone. I can say pc is better than phone.