What do you all want from me?

Every thread that I posted recently, and I mean EVERY, 100% of my posts, instantly gets comments like “stop posting posts about Wii/bans”, “wii post #3954823”, “ban post #2392904”, and even more insults which I don’t remember off my head.
These posts just annoy me and bring up unnecessary drama.

As I’ve said, “if you hate me so much, set my account on ignore” - that’s what the function is for.

I do not want to name-and-shame here, but there are THREE people that annoy me the most. You know who you are.

I appreciate that there is also one certain person that encourages me to not give up and to not listen to those people. I appreciate your efforts, but I’m just tired of all the negative posts.

You’re fed up with bans and Wii. I understand that you might be, but just don’t bring up that on EVERY post. Just bring it up once and if it annoys you THAT much, do the following.

  1. Go to THIS page: Profile - Ondrashek06 - Pixel Worlds Forum
  2. Once you are there, you’ll see a drop-down menu that states “Normal”. Click on it and pick “Ignore”.
  3. Pick a time period for how much time you want to ignore me. Set it to any time you want, but if you do not want to ever see any of my posts anymore, “Forever” is also an option.

And once you do that, please leave me alone with your comments that are borderline bullying in my opinion.

I cannot delete my forum account. There’s just simply no option to do so. So even if I wanted to delete it, I just can’t.

Shoutout to the one person that made me at least a little bit sane. You also know who you are.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

→ I literally cannot do anything about the non-hidden posts when you ignore me. I don’t have access to the forum setup, only Jake has. When I had people in my ignore list, I also didn’t want to see their posts. There’s NOTHING I can do about that.


My apology if my replies annoy you or so-

Have a nice day.

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You’re at least keeping your criticism moderate. You’re not part of the 3 people.

Thread is too long for me to read. Probably spam.

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ondrashek ehhh…

like i really don’t want to be mean to you but if that is the only way you will stop

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Didn’t you make a poll about making less wii posts?
If I remember correctly most people wanted you to stop so ofc theyre gonna keep commenting about it lol

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I would delete my forum account if it made this crap stop altogether. There’s just no option to.

You don’t need to delete your account to leave.


I’m new; what is wii? Are we talking about the game console or something I’m yet too ignorant of to know?

i have some advice limit yourself to 2 threads a week put some actual effort into them.

you, simply have to realise that…everybody isn’t like you the world doesn’t revolve around you, we dont have interested in the things you like.

for example i love the colour orange but if i made 33 posts a month about orange even if you ignored me they would still come up as new topics.


Yes, it’s the Wii console. And people are having a problem with me talking about it.

People have a problem with you talking about it too much


That really sounds like bullying, do they tell you that in person, or reply to your posts?

You know what? I wish this forum was moderated more frequently. And I don’t mean it only against you, also against me. Sometimes I just “impulse post” and moderation would keep the quality a bit higher than my posts currently are.

The one post where Jake posted was at least moderated, someone was bullying me there and he sorted it out.

lol, you’re new to forums. You don’t understand the situation… Basically he’s been spamming threads with wii memes and bad game suggestions because he was permanently banned on the pixel worlds discord server.


i just reply to his posts im not trying to bully ondrashek and i don’t want him to feel that way idk.


you are a new forumer

you… have no idea how annoying ondrashek is

33 threads a month

bro im more active then ondrasek this month i have 250 replies ondrashek has 180 yet

i have made 3 topics

he has made 37

you here that???

37 and those threads were more annoying than you could possibly understand.


Well, your attitude in the original replies to my posts don’t really hint that you’re trying to do this in a calm way.

I’ll try be calm now

But will you listen will you change?

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i understand it might be annoying, and I am new and might not know something, but the last sentence on the screenshot sounds almost like a threat.

He has 136 threads. As a comparison for you, I’m equally active on forums and I have 9 threads. I understand you’re trying to be nice but you really don’t get it.