What do you do with Global Messages?

  • Debate with others
  • Do a troll global message
  • Sell/buy stuff
  • Others

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You can reply about the other stuff you use with Global Messaging

One time this guy was scamming with gems and then when I exposed him he banned me from world but I kept coming back on my 10 alts and when he banned them all I just talked to him on gms :rofl:

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I promote my parkoue

As there is a quest of broadcasting a global message, I usually do so by promoting recent WOTW.

probally doing giveaway oof.
and gm for ppls rate my world (i stop doing that when i was get jp)

Usually when I do a give away. Sometimes, to promote older worlds.

I promote or spread awareness (like dont scam, dont go to that website).

Why do you keep asking us all these questions?

I usually promote worlds, just to have fun.

I using it for giveaways but for selling/buying too…

I GM when im in a world that needs a gm or people and most of my GMs have an added
“Make sure to check out the Official PW Discord and Forums (13+).”

I think I have seen one like that or more :thinking:

Used for broadcasting about something or someone.