What do you guys do at home? tell me your daily routine

Rule :

  1. Be honest

Hello Everyone, I am asking this because I am bored. So what do you guys do at home? and tell me your daily routine. Do you spend your times productively or not? :muscle:

  • I am productive.
  • I am still not productive.
  • I am trying to be productive.

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  1. Wake Up
  2. School
  3. Work
  4. Watch Veritasium/Kurzgesagt/Owl City
  5. Something
  6. Sleep

Eating not included here*


Jogging/Exercise at my backyard
Suffering with homeworks/breakfast
free time until 10pm
watching news, lurking discord and forums

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Wake up
happy life

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I do not eat lunch that often because I like to wait for dinner instead.
Also i don’t wanna eat much

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wake up
wake up
eat breakfast (sometimes)
watch YouTube whilst mining/playing Pixel Worlds
draw (sometimes)
eat lunch (rarely)
watch YouTube whilst mining/playing Pixel Worlds
eat dinner (only sometimes)
watch YouTube whilst mining/playing Pixel Worlds
I should probably eat more, right now as I’m typing this it’s been 18 or 19 hours since I last ate

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fell sleep again
Eat breakfast
school 8 am - 4pm
watch youtube/edit videos
lurk in discord/forums
lurk in pixelworlds
lurk in other games
regret wasting time instead of being productive
watch tv news/shows
eat dinner (9pm)
finish homework
lurk in discord
Check pwe in pixelworlds
go poop
eat some more
just chillin on my couch

i am also listening music meanwhile doing these daily things.

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Morning- wake up, breakfast, revision
Afternoon- revision, read newspaper, play games
Night- play games and draw
It’s school holiday for me rn so that’s good.
Also I have multiple tuition classes on certain days.
And if I can save my 45min phone screen time I can just use it any time of the day.

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I would tell you but there are kids here :slightly_smiling_face:

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On a non school day:

  1. Wake up
  2. Check my phone while in bed
  3. Turn on my pc
  4. Take a shower and brush my teeth
  5. Return to my pc and play games/ talk to friends or watch videos on my phone
  6. Stretch, Brush my teeth and some other stuff :flushed: before bed
  7. Roll around in bed because you realise that you are a mistake and nobody really likes you
  8. Sleep

On a school day:

  1. Wake up
  2. Brush my teeth
  3. Get dressed
  4. Get on the bus that takes me to the city
  5. S c h o o l
  6. Get on the bus quickly so i avoid talking to classmates
  7. Arrive home and shower
  8. V i d e o g a m i n g
  9. Go to sleep

Hmm… :thinking: :thinking:


I love watching Kursgesagt as well. :+1:

Nice daily routine, jogging/exercising in morning is essential for our health. What do you do in your free time? Studying?

I see, you ded eveyryday. :ok_hand:

Have you watched “To Your Eternity” and “A Silent Voice”? Masterpieces :fire:

Do you play Pixel Worlds the whole day? By they way, your drawing is very good, I checked one where you draw Pixel Worlds Avatar.

Wow, you should eat more Sukuso.

We almost have the same routine. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice routine! Do you still revise your studies a lot during holidays?

Relateable :slightly_frowning_face:

I also roll around in bed thinking how unproductive I am throughout the day (Sometimes)

I am productively unproductive. I draw stuff sometimes and I don’t. I just do random stuff and listen to music all day hehe

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Yes, me too… Sometimes… I just do random stuffs throughout the day and don’t even remember anything before bed. :rofl:

i just didn’t added “that” sort of things, if you know what i mean…

Well, my free time is playing the game and checking socials so :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s all I ever do :slightly_smiling_face:


what :slight_smile: