What do you think about the new bundles / bundles in general?

The new bundles are here and I have a few things to say about them.
Firstly, the designs are very good, a lot of effort has been put to the art.
Secondly, I think they are all fairly priced, since you get gems with the bundle items.

Now I want to tell my optinion on the bundles on general. I think there are a few problems with the bundles.

I don’t like how the bundle items are limited. If you don’t buy them now, you will never get a chance to buy them again. I really dislike that. It really pushes players to buy it and I don’t like it. An obvious solution would be to make them all tradeable, so everyone could have a chance to get them, even without paying money, but this will never happen for couple of reasons; it’s against Apples terms of service to sell stuff for real money that can be traded to other players.

Now, what if they were tradeable? Great, right? No. The prices would constantly rise since they are very limited and only few players would have them. It would be very unfair for those who won’t buy it for real money, since the price of the items would rise so high. It would also be WAY too much value for your money if you bought a limited item for 10$ and sold it for like 250wls. So honestly, making the bundle items tradeable definitely wouldn’t be the solution.

I think that bundle items shouldn’t be limited forever. They should be seasonal. I mean those who buy it don’t care if it’s limited or not, since it’s untradeable anyways. So I think that all bundle items should be seasonal offers in the shop. Not limited forever.

What do you guys think?


I agree. It’s especially unfair towards players that didn’t even play the game while certain bundles where available. It’s not their fault for not finding Pixel Worlds later than others, especially as I wouldn’t say it is that well known globally. Also, players that did play while the bundles were available may have been in a tough financial situation, so where not able to buy them then.
Any mature owner of a bundle item should be okay with players beeing able to buy them in the following years.
The bundles should come back seasonally and for either the same price or only a small increase in price.

I didn’t bother buying any of em this time round, gotta save my money for useful stuff for Christmas.

I’ll get all of them soon, love em. :heart: :green_heart:

Another problem I have with bundle items is, that some of them offer abilities that no " free to play" item has, which I think is just unfair towards non-paying players.
For example the Ice Rifle from last years XMas Bundle has very good damage stats, which as far as I know no other weapon offers.
The Snowball Gun is another example. It is the only weapon able to color a hit player blue.

I think it would be hard to create a good way for non-paying players to also get the bundle items (except for admin giveaways, but I don’t really count those), so I would rather suggest that there should at least be items with the same abilities as each bundle item. There could for example have been “Throwable Ice Daggers” (Same stats as Ice Rifle) and a “Snowball Backpack” (Same stats as Snowball Gun, even the turning blue of hit players) as limited Legendaries in the XMas Booster.

Probably, maybe someone cannot affrod it, it’s unfair but think about this :

every game has their own way to earn money for their work they do for the game, it could be :

Selling bundles like PW
Selling the game for money like you can buy it for money and play it like Cyperpunk 2077
Selling the knifes, guns in the game like CS:GO

and about making game items tradeable they won’t be exclusive, people pay money to get an exclusive item that would never return back into this game and ford cool item and for some gems you get.

Keep in mind that the primary reason one should be purchasing the bundle is to express support toward the developer who’s spent time, money, and resources to maintain this game and keep pushing updates. Bundles aren’t meant, and never will be, for everyone. In fact, those who decide to take part to financially support the game should be given some sort of special perks since without them, the game is as good as dead (it does not matter how good a product is, if it doesn’t generate enough money, it will be abandoned).

The fact that it is limited edition only gives players a meaningful value that, on a certain date, they decided to spend their pocket money to support the developer and this is the proof.

As for the argument that people may miss out, it’s their fault for missing an entire month if they had actually planned to support the developers. But even then, they have nothing to worry about since next season, there’ll be some bundles coming up.

TLDR: It’s actually unfair to those who support the game on every season; those who want to support and miss out have plenty chances in the near future; it’s almost impossible to miss out an entire month if they had planned to buy a bundle.

Honestly, it’s not even a selling-point for the weapon. Considering that most worlds don’t allow you to punch others, you rarely get to use it for that. That’s the same reason I sold my paintbrush.

The point of buying bundles is to support the game…

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I think bundles are fine, though it is a bummer to miss out on some, like what if you wanted the flaming mask and flaming wings from the 2 Halloween bundles, y’know?

Also, yeah keeping them untradeable is better imo, but ignoring that for a moment, Apple’s a big party pooper yo.
The only reason they don’t allow that stuff is cause it encourages trading in-game rather than buying with real money that can go into their pockets. (Since purchases you make also give a portion to them, as far as I remember.)

We try to include these special features to other, tradeable items as well. As someone mentioned, the same functionality is already there for an earlier item, the green paintbrush (although it might be a limited item as well, not sure). In fact, it doesn’t even make a lot of sense to make some super unique feature for one item and never make it available again. One can argue that this is the only way to access blue version of this feature, but I don’t think it’s unfair to have a slight visual variation that’s limited.


yea things relating to player hitting just seems useless as hardly anyone does pvp aside from quests making it somewhat useless i’ve seen only one person with the paintbrush ever since it came out seems kinda pointless to have this added