What do you think about the update?

i very excited and
i still dont know how the card fit to the inventory
cause it was rectangle the inventory square…
tomorrow are the reveal? idk
but i think reveal it gonna make it boring meh

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also @jay you right!
i know it gonna be card game

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I’m hyped for it! Really wish that it’s going to be like or somewhat similar with Club Penguin’s Card Jitsu or Adventure Time’s Card Wars. Those two were one of my favorite childhood games. :blush:

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i guess it will be like pokemon the card who have more dmg wins
so the green thing was actually earth power :joy:
i want a wyvern card ingame :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
i know the skull are eliminated card :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I’m really excited about it. I think it’ll be a super fun addition to the game.

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I would say I’m excited about it, not that much since I grew up a little bit, but the feeling it is not the same as I was younger.
However, I’ll always remember how much I loved to play Pokémon Cards Battles.


i have tons of rainbow gx card :joy:
i even dont know what the card do
i never play pokemon card battle before
but i have tons

Pokemon Card battles! Yes! :clap:t3:

I try to keep my expectations low, because there has been some updates where i’ve been hyped for and they where disappointing, (like clan wars, and the best update ever). I’m not to hyped right now for the update. I think, there should of been a option on the poll “not excited”. But I’m kinda interested to see how it will work.

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I think the update is OP

Cuz someone can get a glitched card and sell it for tons of wls

I’m not too excited for it, I was never interested in cards and I don’t know how to play cards.

:nerd_face: Card Mini-Gaem

Its cool, but it may be a problem in terms of inventory and how is it implemented. i would try it.

It won’t, you will have card deck, when you open the menu where you can open recipes you will be able to see special card deck so it won’t take any space in your main inv.

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I don’t want to get too hyped for this update like i did with jetrace
We’ll see how it turns out, i have never been a fan of fantasy playing cards, but i do love poker and blackjack.

I’m never hyped about new updates since mine update was disappointing for me plus I’m quite depressed right now…

it’s really good update and waiting for it!

welcome to the forum @Nisaw read the rules first!

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thank’s for telling me, and i already did :smiley: