What do you think is the "Ultimate Prize"? (My thoughts on the lore)

There HAS to be some sort of prize for discovering the entire lore. Maybe not an item, maybe it’s access to some sort of a hidden feature, or just knowing “the pixel worlds secrets”.
I think that the lore, once finished, will lead to a prize in the following way:

  • In ADE, you input some sort of combinations via the switches.
  • After you done all of that, there will be some sort of lever or switch.
  • The switch will open that one block in ADE that blocks off the room with the sign. After all, the block, when punched, says “Can’t edit wired item”, so it has to disappear.
  • The sign will have a riddle.
  • When the riddle is solved, it reveals the password for the password portal.
  • The password portal goes to PIXELMINES, into that one room with the password portal, the door that blocks off access from the “up-the-waterfall” corridor, and some sort of HUGE contraption that is under lock and chain.
    – The lever in the room will unlock the blocking door, leading to easier access to the room via the waterfall instead of the password portal.
    – The lock on the contraption will probably open via some key or password.

The monolith graffities can probably be related to that ADE puzzle with the clan symbols, levers and buttons. I think they don’t give a prize or somehow interact when both graffities are present, rather they serve as clues.

The second puzzle’s solution could perhaps be in the rift world.

I think the contraption IS the final prize for discovering the lore. Whether it is a completely new feature, such as a shop where you can exchange the riftworld shards for lore-related items, or just a thing that gives you an item, it HAS to reward the player that discovers it somehow. And I’m pretty sure that the first to discover the lore’s secret will be then somehow featured in the game as a “lore discoverer”.

I think that the shop for the riftworld shards is likely, because if it was just an item giver, we won’t have any uses for the shards.

While I don’t think that the full lore is finished yet, it will surely be something big when it is finally done and someone uncovers the prize.

Post what you think about the final prize, and what do you think of my thoughts about the lore.

I think we will all get 1 soil block


But in all seriousness maybe we will get to meet the true maker of pixelians

To be honest there is no an items or something like that as a reward for finishing it.
At the end, it’s just the backstory of the game. Not every player is interested on this topic but, yeah, you know…

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Tbh I like my answer

If it was meant to just be the backstory of the game, we wouldn’t get glowing/lightabsorbing shards from the riftworld.

Nobody knows yet. These are just predictions

Perhaps, we will end up knowing stuff like, “Where does the pixelian comes from?”, or “Why there are monsters in the NetherWorld?”

And we will finally understand the tutorial cutscene.

I will see you in 12 years when they finally decide to finish it

Hahaha, yeah, they are taking long to finish it, anyways…
See you in the other side. Once the lore hunting has finally come to an end. :smile:

@HeyRicky, yeah, that’s what I mean by “knowing the pixel worlds secrets”. I’m not saying that there has to be an item or feature prize. But honestly, even if there is no item reward, I’d still like to know what is with the lore-related worlds always being in some sort of a facility.
One of the possible scenarios could be that they’re planning to fully release the lore in the inevitable last PW update, so that people have something new to discover themselves instead of wanting developers to release new features. So that we are meant to discover the beginning of PW before we discover the inevitable end of the PW servers.

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This is the riddle:
Now help us to solve it, please.

it would be nice to know whole backstory of the game

How did they even get to the sign? What opened the block.

Genesis, in the bible, have no idea what 1:1 means, maybe darkness to light?

There are invisible pressure plates which activate the nether disappearing block so you could go inside the room there. And the sign changes from lore symbols to normal text when the invisible pressure plates are inactivated.
Example of an invisible pressure plate in Ade:

Anyways, how to solve the riddle so we get the password for the password portal?

How do you even get up there to the plate? And I honestly have no clue how to solve that, sorry. I just know that it is the first sentence from the Bible, but I’ve tried entering “genesis”, “let there be light”, or the entire next sentence, but no dice.
And I have no clue what does the “1:1” even mean?

You get up there with a jetpack.
People say 1:1 means: first line first chapter.
But really nobody knows for sure xd, it’s a riddle which we have to solve.