What do you think the most p2w game?

For me is pg3d since they have too much iap, and also brawl stars (u already know how bs goes)

for yall, do you know a game that isveeery p2w?

Diablo Immoral, Drive Ahead, Dragon Land (new versions only), etc.

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Brawl Stars is honestly not pay to win at all. There are so many ways to progress easily in game but of course it takes some time, if you can’t get a brawler to max level the day you unlocked it that doesn’t mean the game is pay to win. I have unlocked almost every brawler and I’m close to upgrading them all to level 9, also all my legendary brawlers are at level 11 and I never spent any money on the game except for one time when I bought 30 gems to secure my account which is insignificant for progress.

i know its pretty hard, just look at mine, im so bad at this game and didnt have that much brawlers

heres my brawlers that took me a year to get all of these without paying a single money

SEE? I dont have alot of rare brawlers, are my brawlers trash (i remember getting lou in small box if that wat it called

my leon level 2 ._.

I can’t tell how long I’ve been playing it for but I spent over 310 hours playing it and I’m missing only these brawlers.
Also I should get another legendary soon because my chances of unlocking one are pretty high.

No way Gus Fring in Brawl Stars :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’d like to disagree. Of all the games SUPERCELL made, I must say Clash Royale is more P2W.

Sure, there are matches like these that happen in Brawl Stars =

But when it comes to Midladder Clash Royale :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, you see where I’m going with here. Clash Royale matchmaking is way worse than Brawl Stars, forcing you to either grind for cards, or…

most p2w games are definitely failed gachas.

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Most ROBLOX Simulator games (with exceptions such as bee swarm simulator [one of my favorites])

i love that game for real
Thats the second game i ever played when i join roblox

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anything related to epic games

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wait… you said you quit?

for 8 months and sometimes when im not studying(its impossible to find a time for that) i MAY check the forums

wow i can’t believe you still sometimes check the forums, pog pog pog


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