What Happened To The Barn Door?

Some time shortly after the familiars update, Jake traded items to players that gave him stuff he needed to feed “Buffy” one of the items he gave was the barn door.
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So after he traded it what happened to the door? Was it sold? Did the owner quit? Was it removed from the players inventory?
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Stream where Jake Gave it away

Time stamp 1:38:06

Apollyon still owns it to my knowledge


Can the admins PLEASE STOP GIVING DEV ITEMS IN GIVEAWAYS, especially if they will never be given out again.

I might aswell just create a game and make it awesome but require an access key and only ever give a key to 3 randomly picked people out of thousands.

This is literally Willy Wonka’s golden tickets all over again. Once the 5 are found, no more will ever exist.

what’s so wrong about giving away exclusive items? they usually give out these exclusive items to celebrate something, so I don’t think you should mind it that much

Your mindset would immediately change once you get one

You would be like "PLS PLS PLS NO REMOVE I WANT :sob: "


It’s not a big deal lol

It Belongs to me



why are you bri ish


U just want it urself

my theory is that the barn door was placed and was broken, removing it from the game entirely never to be seen again :omg: :shocked:

Why would they even break it? Recall magnets exist.

Because he didn’t know it was a rare item.

were there even recall magnets then, it was quite a while ago right?

Im pretty sure all of the dev items are non recallable

The topaz block isnt recallable so im assuming the barn door is/was not recallable either

Why isn’t it even recallable? Only FOUR of them exist in the game and no more will ever exist. So if someone accidentally presses an empty space with the block, tough luck, now there’s one less…

Also, the devs seriously need to stop giving out dev items. No luck? Tough s###. None will ever be given out again, and only the select few are the ones who get a special block/item.
Let’s just give a random person an item which when used, will ban a player for a day from the game. Fair?

how have u tested if the topaz is recallable did some idiot out of the 4 of you who got it place it?

also… im interested whats the highest offer you got for the block.

$1000 and a new bike, like for a Willy Wonka golden ticket.

Its not a big deal, dev blocks are usually brought to the game after many people have them, or a wearable, for example, the green headband was a item that was on the old influencer program, and they brought it to the game.

I doubt the topaz block is ever going to be collectable through normal means.

Thats true, but items like barn door certainly will.