What happened?

This forum is exclusively filled with:

  • “Why am i banned”
  • “Here is my game suggestion while i know damn well nobody is updating this game”
  • “Check out my dry youtube content”
  • A random giveaway every now and then

What is going on? I haven’t been checking out the game in a while. From the looks of the forums it looks like EVERYONE is getting banned out of nowhere, and the game is barely hanging on to a thread of life.

Shoutout to @MaskedMan for keeping the forums somewhat interesting.


probably because of the false bans of duplications

people trying to make the game better (spoiler:they cant)or just spending times having fun

probably a kid trying to get 10 quadrillion subs from 1 minute wasted video

people trying to make people happy, keep the community active or just get respect

people got unfairly banned from the dupe stashes that has been passed around multiple times.

Don’t understand why people still make these but these posts are at their peak.

I still don’t understand about why some people think their content is good, even when told multiple times it isn’t but y’know you got to advertise in some way, shape, or form, right?

These are more intense than the videos a certain guy used to make. They’re actually fun for some reason, but I think that’s because of the huge increase in dry threads.

you know this is kinda fun everyone giving their own opinions on 4 questions, its like a game

Cuz yes

Good intentions but unfortunately, no admins

dryer than the school’s dry ass spicy chicken sandwich



You forgot to mention waffles world guide :wink:

I agree with the first statement, it’s not a place for such things but there is nothing wrong in promoting youtube content, doing giveaways (as far as they are real) or submitting game suggestions which may be used in the future.

But the fact that there is nothing interesting on the forum and the same topics are repeated over and over again…

If I’m going to be honest yeah it’s just really really boring

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dupe problem maybe

Its suggestions, because devs leaving and game is so boring


Prob quitting or maybe just making giveaways

Same here. I took a break from Pixel Worlds a year ago or was it 2 years ago…? (I don’t really remember) and found myself on the forums again for the first time in years.

I’ve always loved the forums. I know the forums have always been a congregation point for people to make friends with and discuss stuff. But what I keep seeing these days was unlike anything else. Just pages upon pages of the same group of people posting repeated long and drawn out “I hate this game because I got banned for no reason!” , “There’s too much maintenance break. We need the old devs back!” “Where can I apply for mod?” Or as you’ve mentioned:

Which make the actual good posts seem to be getting buried. And the actual discussion of the game itself seems to have gone for the most part.

I don’t know if this is just a bad time of year to look at the forums or is this what they have been like this for a while? Because I remember the forums being a place where, regardless of how many players the game had, it was still being used for discussion by a majority of its population and not by kids and trolls.

yea he sure did. i wonder who this ‘‘waffle’’ guy is

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Me too, I only know wafflelord122, I wonder who this “waffle” guy is too, I sure wish he would give me some waffles.

dude why whold they give you their own race as a food wtf

idk sounds funny, will probably make a good tiktok video.