What is a Cryptic Mechanical Box?

I just got a Cryptic Mechanical Box from a mine world, I cant put it in PWE but I can trade it. Is it worth anything?

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Yeah it’s “Mysterious box with mechanical parts that can be moved to gain the item held inside. Can you open it?”

Not sure about the price. It is a puzzle box like a fossil. You get parts of the monolith just like graffiti if you can solve them within a given time.

Maybe someone knows its value?

I see there are some collectors who buy them for more.

I think they are 2k-5k each. Not 100% sure though.

Definitely not < 20characters >

its like the fossil puzzle yknow

I think they’re around that as well

They’re 2.5K bc, It’s a lore item. I sold one to a collecter.