What is a language that you are interested in learning?

Me it’s sign language

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Enchantment table. No this is not a joke.


Finnish. or spanish

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Maybe C++ (because a classmate says it’s superior to Java xD; and because it seems to be a common language and to have similarities to Java) or Assembler (because I think it could be pretty interesting to learn something lower level), although I still have stuff to learn in Java, so I also want to learn more Java.

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Fuwwy wanguwage uwu Nuzzles your widdle nose

I wouldn’t say it’s ‘superior’ to java, but it is a good language to code in if you want to make games for phones and tablets. Java is meant for computer games. So, in the end neither language is superior it just depends on what games you want to release.

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I want to learn python because its pretty simplistic.

Java isn’t meant for computer games only, it’s used everywhere.

I never said, ‘only for’, but ‘meant’ as in works best.

Just the first two sentences of Java’s Wikipedia article tell you it wasn’t created for for computer games:

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I don’t think it’s best for computer games, it doesn’t have much advantages over other languages and it’s also slower than compiled languages.

I can’t actually think of any other computer game that uses it apart from minecraft. (and they also switched to c++ for bedrock edition)


I never said it is ‘only for computer games’ though. I said meant because that’s what most people say, and use.

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Yeah, that is true, but me and many others prefer this over many other languages. And by many others I mean people like my friends.

It’s general-purpose.

If you want to make games on it, do it, but it isn’t the best at it.

Then you will proceed to go to a magical school

Didn’t intend to be that kind of language, but its alright

What do you mean by this.

Compiled languages run faster, but usually take more time to write in than interpreted languages, because those abstract more things away, at the cost of having to have another program run your code.

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The joke was that it meant you knew how to speak python (I know what you mean by the python, but the joke means you know how to speak to the python snake) and then that is a reference to harry potter, who went to a magical school