What is your favorite discord server?

this time is the favorite server.

My favorite server is:

  1. yveltal lair (only me and 3 of my friends use that no others members use the server sad)
  2. pixel worlds game (normal)
  3. pokecasino (too like pokemon stuff lol)

Soooo what your favorite server?

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PWG discord, just hopefully waiting for some people to get unbanned since I’ve never experienced talking to them in the discord server

The Obama Occult server


My own clan server lol

I don’t think I’ll ever get unbanned from the Discord TBH.

LMO always is like this:

Idk about you, but I got unbanned just 2 months ago

Let me guess, you’re in Clash clan?


Neonation is veri cool server


The clash bias is not real, i’m still permabanned in the pw discord.

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Or this server where i used to be nolifer

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Well I can tell you right now one of my least favorite Discord servers is the PWG server. Bad moderation ever since the introduction of you-know-who. Before I was banned I was noticing a lot of my friends and active members disappearing left and right and it was about time I got banned too. Also a former Clash member. Most really don’t survive for a while after they achieve the Venerator role.

I guess it’s time for me to get banned :skull:

Everybody eventually gets banned from the server. It’s just a matter of time as they give you unappealable, permanent strikes for the dumbest things such as using too much caps.

Pretty sure I haven’t had a strike on the server yet, if you’re considerate then you shouldn’t get banned.

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No, LMO just prefers people in CLASH clan.

I highly doubt that if I leave CLASH, I’m suddenly going to start receiving multiple strikes for unwarranted things.

Pretty sure LMO barely knows who I am, never mind the fact that I’m in CLASH, but hey.


Dude, the bias isn’t real, just because someone is in clash clan doesn’t mean they are protected from Aldople’s job of moderating the server, not everyone in CLASH is beloved by Aldople and not everyone that isn’t from CLASH is unable to be unbanned

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So he puts people in his crosshairs randomly?

i don’t think there is clash bias but i do think there is definitely some sort of bias

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