What is your favorite in-game wearable/block?

My favorite wearable in 2017 was Clover Wings , same as 2018 , 2019 & 2020.
Why ? Because it’s green , looks good and I hardworked for them back in 2017 because I liked how it looked.
I am curious seeing what others prefer and each opinions.


Hmm this takes me way back lol.

I think my favorite wearable was always the long golden hair, from way before it’s gotten this expensive.

As for the blocks… I always really enjoyed the glass blocks. They were always my favorite to farm xD

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Black Archy Hair. it matches my hair alot

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Mine would be soil block since too useful at it’s price.


Ice Block.
Looks great, has a nice color, and even the breaking sound is nice.

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Lightblue headscarf, just as perfect as an item can be

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Also the rune blocks. I also love other props.
My favorite item would probably be the uhhhhhhhhhhh

my favorite item: Executioner mask

nuff said

Hmmm hard choice. I would say my Black Emo Hair, since I got it when it came out, but thinking it better I would say the Sidey Brown, since it’s the hair that matches my hair the most at this moment.
But when the new VIP Hair Pack VI comes out, I guess the hair that will match me the most by far, would be the Brown Curly Sidey Hair.

[I wish there could be a little darker version of that hair lol]

Phantom Mask because it’s my core clothe and for my name
Glass Block because it drops Spray Cans somehow and it’s a good price for it to sell

Ngl I like turtle set, and turtle air mattress

Frost cape.
Really liked wearing it back then
I like the way it looks xd

Well i don’t think my all time favorite wearable needs an introduction, but one that i like as much would be the soda jetpack, had mine for a couple years now.

My favorite block would definitely be magic stuff, it’s just perfect.

For wearables, gotta be cat items :thinking: well to be real, ice queen crown.
For blocks, my guess is Concrete, cause i build with concrete.

My favorite block is probably the blue glow block cos it looks quite cool imo, and my favorite wearable is the pixel-bot mask due to the unique expressions it can show when you use emotes

Black Band Hair

I’ve been using it since 2017 and it has always been part of my set.

Also I love the jetpacks, because they look cool and you can jump high with them. Only thing that bothers me about them is the cool down.

High five! It’s my favorite hair too among many more.

Well, of course:
Gargoyle Prop

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My favorite wearable is the spectrum jet pack and my favorite block is probably the gold lock, it was a funny item that was like a world lock.

Fake Beach Belly, because I wanna be a chunky boi