What is your favorite movie in 2021?

What movie have you watched this year? What is your favorite?

Me, its:

Godzilla vs King Kong
The Suicide Squad
Snyder Cut
Army of the Dead


I have a lot of favorite movies, but the first ones that come to mind are the one in the post I’m replying to (Steven Universe: The Movie) and also The Lego Batman Movie.


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I haven’t watched any movies from 2021 soo I can’t say

I said in 2021

I both thought the movie was from 2021 and the title meant what my favorite movie was in 2021 (Not what my favorite 2021 movie is)

theres a movie is where human go back in time to request for troops in past to go and help people in future from alien invasion, white creature alien that shoot spike, idk the name but you guys should really check it out. i forget about the name

Ah, thats the Tomorrow War

Seen that, was a cool movie

Omg, i was gonna say the same thing lol.

Not a single one better this year in my case, than Snyder Cut you have mentioned. While the Snyderverse has no planned future, neither had the Snyder Cut of Justice League in the first place ^^

Mine is Pirates of the Caribbean. All 5!

Movies form 2021


^ Luca feels kinda rushed ngl. i guess my favourite movie so far is Interstellar

Yeah, kinda. I still enjoyed the movie tho. And well, I haven’t been watching movies lately so Luca was the only movie I’ve watched this year