What is your favorite Phase 4 MCU so far?

If you are not a fan of the MCU or you have not watched any of these (or did not want to) you can skip this topic

So so far, these are all Phase 4 that have been released:

Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Black Widow

I would say I liked all of them tbh as of now.

Wandavision was pretty interesting. The first 2 episodes sucked but it got more interesting and better. (SPOILER) Vision came back to life, but as a modified version of himself called “White Vision”. And “Wanda” finally becomes and is officially named as “Scarlet Witch” since she has been called Wanda since her debut..

Falcon and the Winter soldier was more marvel-ish. It had Falcon finally becoming Captain America but there are troubles. First we have John Walker who was promoted to Captain America. He ended up becoming the US Ag then we got the flag smashers, who wanted to do something before “The Blip” which was when Thanos snapped half of the universe away. Then we got The Power Broker who turned out to be Peggy Carter’s Cousin.. It was pretty good but it did not show any sign of leading into future big events.

Loki just wrapped up at the time of me posting this. It was a crime thriller and really good. It explained multiverses (which will probably be the reason why Toby and Andrew Spider-Man will be in the MCU+ way more). It is confirmed to have a 2nd season. The creator of the Time Keepers turned out to be (I SWEAR THIS IS A HUGE SPOILER, DO NOT CLICK ON IT IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED IT YET) A variant of someone who’s other variant will be KANG THE CONQUEROR, which will most likely be the next big baddie of the MCU

Black Widow was cool also. It showed what Black Widow was up to before Infinity War. Yelena was funny in this movie. Red Guardian was pretty funny too but he was not really that useful. Taskmaster was awesome but they (BIG BIG HUMONGUS SPOILER) gender swapped him into a HER. Taskmaster was good but they kinda wasted “her” character.

So what was your favorite?