What is your opinion on the new Byte Coin Store?

So during Jake’s Livestream, the pixel worlds team are adding the new Byte Coin Store for the upcoming update.

To my knowledge, Byte Coin Store is a new section from the Pixel Worlds Item Store where you’re gonna buy some stuff with Byte coins.


Additional stuff from the devs:
They’re gonna add some new items like the Red Visor.

For me, it’s a very cool feature to be add to the item shop and it should be based around community suggestions or feedback.

Question for you:
Just like the title, what is your own opinion about it?

I think its self explanatory


Welll… i’s cool that you can finally spend your bytes in the shop section… Regarding the items that will be there… It’s depends… if they are brand new items… then… i guess this gonna be a cool feature

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Imo unless these items are untradable they will be worthless as they will just be sold on pwe for a way lower price how hasn’t anybody thought about this?


Jake explained the need for the store in the previous lifestream, bringing out how some items are hard to get in big quantities. This is very true, as I am for example not able to buy as many alien lifts as I’d like on the PWE because they just aren’t sold there in large enough quantities. So the store would be helpful in that regard. Also, items will rotate.

its good.

i love that new soil familiar

If there are gonna be items previously “limited” such as dark pixies, then it is a hard PASS for me.
I might actually proceed with deleting my PW account because… what’s the point anymore?

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I would rather not have any old limited items there though. Reintroducing the items will affect the price of the limited item negatively as the supply gets bigger, and as someone brought up in the stream chat, will be a major bytecoin sink, especially if some really expensive items like the dark pixie wings would get brought back. This would affect all the other prices as well.

You can’t delete it im pretty sure

In my oppinion the byte coin store should be more directed towards builders since some blocks/props/etc are really hard to find tleast in large amounts.

Account exists, you just can’t recover it anymore

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Jake CLEARLY SAID, “We would only add Dark Pixie for 25m byte coins if the community wants us to.”

The glass is full!

That only means that your account will still exist and can still be logged into. The only thing that they can do is delete your email address that is attached to that account.

I did not watch the stream because I avoid Twitch like the plague now.

Fair enough

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I HOPE it has expressions like anubis

Im honestly skeptical, but interested at this, seems like there are cool items

I like the idea of being able to get certain items out there that otherwise would be a difficult thing to do. I.e blocks from certain booster packs and such. Also I am hoping they kind of steer away from constantly brining in limited items.

Heres a spoiler
It doesnt
Its like the chick suit