What kind of parkour you hate the most?

parkour i hate was the mushroom with platforms
really hard
so what you hate the most?

laser, ice, water, spikes and spike bombs in one area.

give screensht for better lol

it was in growtopia once called CLASHPKR. i hvent seen prkours yet in pw.

i find the mushroom platform simple i hate spike trap parkours

Pixel Perfect Jumps, where timing has to be perfect, accompanied with insta kill traps

Edge jumps, you have to jump at the edge to reach the top of the block.

Ice jumps, it ruins my timing + it sometimes not be able to make an edge jump.

Timing based parkour.
By that I don’t mean having to jump in a rythm to not die by for example Zombie Hands. I mean parkours where you basically have to guess when to run or jump down a hole where there is timing traps everwhere, it just feels like there is nothing you can do but to try until you get lucky.
With precision parkour, while of course they can be quite difficult, you at least know what to do and that it’s your lack of precision when you die and not just bad luck.

Lazers are kinda annoying

Poison traps in parkours are super annoying.

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I dislike parkours that use cloud platforms. I’m not terrible at them, but I could be better.