What software do you all use to edit items

I wanna edit as well, so I wanna know what software I need to use. And if you can, can you suggest a software for phones? Thank you :))

If you mean drawing items
I use https://pixilart.com/ but I’m pretty sure you’re better off using asesprite or something else

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I use 8-Bit painter but sometimes picsart mind recommend other editing apps?

I use pixel studio for doing all kind of pixel editing/creating

I draw with gimp. Though everyone forgot I even made pixel art lol

Ms Paint of course

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Pixel Studio, large amounts of tools to help and ease you working with multiple canvases.

The most used application right now is Aseprite. You can also use many free alternatives too.

Aseprite is the OG. I use that program for all of my Pixel Art (although I don’t do a whole lot of pixel art these days, mostly for working on my game)

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