What sport do you watch?

(If you dont watch any, then skip this thread)

I watch UFC and sometimes boxing, how about you?

EDIT: I quit watching boxing because most of the latest fights are jokes. The most decent one was Pacquiao vs Ugas.

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I only watch Basketball, and Boxing too I guess.



Oh, you watch soccer, but in UK they call it football

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Kendo, soccer, fencing

Boxing ufc kick boxing soccer football gaelic swimming badminton tennis and if playing games count as a sport sure. :joy:

Not really watching sports, so far i have only kept eye on upcoming UEFA 2022 world championship.

all of them

Wait are you irish?

Not really man, my uncle has relatives in Ireland but currently im in Bangladesh but usually whenever there is like a school holiday, I try to visit.

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water polo (20 characters)

Pixel Worlds speed runs.



NASCAR? Formula 1? (20)

It should be apart of the Olympics.

I wish I could follow much with Nascar. Most of the time is Formula 1.

Sounds good, what’s your favourite team?

I love the Mclaren team. They know how to throw a party.

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Heh, good reason :sweat_smile:

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