What the heck is the purpose of Dark wl?

i mean, unless they are planning to implement it into lore or smth i don’t see the point of it, yea it looks all right but it literally does the same thing as something that is 12.5% of its cost.

well here is a theory;

if you pay attention, every world locked by the admins has a dark wl in it. Maybe it was gonna be an admin item? But later was released to public.

Well if you would pay attention, I asked

Not who used it.
Although i agree you may be right that it was just going to be a admin item, it still does nothing and that is what i am asking why for.

for world aesthetics ig. if your world has a dark palette, use a dark lock and if it doesn’t, use a normal world lock. although i can’t justify the price. it’s stupid lol.

yes, i think they should at least make it cheaper, or sellable on the pw exchange

yeah, other than it’s design for worlds, a dark lock is pretty useless and not worth getting since it just acts like a normal wl that cannot be broken down to lock tokens or converted to something else :confused:

Hope they like, update it in the future

It’s a dark mode lock for everyone who likes putting their devices on dark mode

this is better

Actually, not true at all! There are many worlds locked by admins with other locks, for example FISHING-101 has a platinum lock, HANGAR and JETRACE both have platinum locks, SUMMERQUEST has a normal world lock in the top left corner, FORESTHILLS also has a platinum lock, and I’m sure there’s other examples.

Full world screenshot of FISHING-101 taken before dynamic worlds were screenshot-locked:



It just looks cool I guess.

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I guess its cosmetic.

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