What to doTo become a Mod

I’m a very active player. Play this game for a while/3 years and I would love to become a moderator in the Pixel Worlds Community to help decrease number of scammers/bullies I am here to help not to ruin the games community and the game it self. And I’m not trying to get Fame from any players/community. It will be hard to become a mod but I will try my best because its my dream to become a mod in Pixel Worlds Game! I was donating to the community a lot Doing some giveaways like spin the wheel,spleef,lest to move etc. Spent over 800 world locks to the community. I would just like to help the community!
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

hey , the mod applications are closed for now. You have to get noticed by people/devs , they choose trusted veteran players who they are 100% sure of.You cant become a mod if you do everything just to become one , its not all fun and games

Nobody who actually asks to be one gets to be one.


Every child’s dream it is.

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wrong category and no point making a topic about this. Admins will notice players and have them promoted if they feel the player is the perfect candidate. side note, asking to be a mod actually reduces the chance of you being selected. thread locked.