What update did you expect on January?

Just wondering, what do you expect to come in January ( ofc outside of mini events and fireworks)

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A lot of veteran players including me have been asking for a nether update for years now, I really hope they implement it.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Jet race themed update, like jet race tournaments or anything along those lines considering how updates have been in the past, but something else would still be interesting


This, or maybe a new dungeon overall, an ice theme would be nice.

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My guess would be the crossbreeding update.

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January updates usually have the more forgettable features like clan battles, and deep nether, maybe fishing tournaments. They usually have something to do with the update in November, so i agree with @Kaluub it probably has something to do with jet race.


They might as well revamp PvP to be honest.
Systems like Burning Effect, Poison inflicted by weapons and Splash Damage might be a thing.
But again, it’s probably just me dreaming about my thoughts.


This is actually a cool idea, would make pvp and pve a bit more interesting.

Hmmm… I’m specting the developers to add some of those small features that the community have been asking for a long time.

I think there will be a zombies update but I am not sure if it is in January but it’s likely.

An update full of Quality of Life changes would be wonderful ngl.

Been wondering about this too, the uses of elemental damage.

They always did one during August though for some reason they abandoned the idea this year.

My guess is a really small booster update

You’re most likely referring to the “community’s most requested features update” that usually came at August. It also happened this year, but except for developers putting attention on the creation of the single major feature (mining) which got a lot of recognition at the time, additionally suggested several times in the past already.

The QoL changes don’t necessarily come along with those updates, nor were considered as the primary theme for them (although, of course, several came to be as they are also usually highly requested by the community).

It’s still a little bit too early to come up with the presumptions on what January’s update is going to be about at the end. Although, it’s safe to expect another “regular update” with a smaller-scale feature (that could also work as an addition to one of the current ones) and some QoL & technical improvements, hopefully, with more additions put into it. This year has significantly changed the game’s design and its general standards, could undoubtedly get status of the best year for Pixel Worlds so far (In a vast range of the matters, from the game updates and player count to PW-related social media platforms improvements, etc.). Therefore, how’s the next year is going to go for Pixel Worlds is something to look up for in comparison to this one.

jetrace tournament or jetrace 2.0 or something new ingame maybe hotfix

Turtle killing update, where you shoot turtles to gain points that can be redeemed for straws to kill more turtles.


they should make frozen soil farmable

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It seems a lot expectation on PvP update, I personally wanting to see more stuffs on PvP tho.