What was your favorite update in Pixel Worlds and why?

Since the pet update came out, a lot of my friends stopped playing pixel worlds, because they were not satisfied with new updates, tbh I think some of them were fun and some were failures… so I’m wondering which update was the most satisfying for the community.

For me Card Battle update was the best one, after reaching all my goals in Pixel Worlds with ‘‘wealth’’ I had nothing else to do, but Card Battle is just fun and I really enjoy playing with my friends, even tho there is nothing I gain out of it, and I also love Card Battle Tournaments, grinding for trophies feels fun to me and gives me another goal to go for. (but there is still some things they should change about it)

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Honestly i really love the jetrace one, the fact that they added mounts was super cool and i remember staying up t’ill 2am when i crafted the spreadfire because i really loved it and i was flying in worlds with it. (kinda flexing it tbh)

Clan update was also cool, i managed to join a super cool clan and met tons of cool persons and due to that i build strong relationship with some friends.


The Clans Update. I started playing in October 2018, and when i heard of clans all i did in 2019 was play PW all day. One of the best updates hands down, but there just so much more that could be added into them…


mining and jetrace and pvp


I joined back in start of 2020 so there’s not a lot updates i could remember.

My favorite one was mining, not because the feature was cool.
Looking back i really enjoyed how active people were, tons of pw youtubers were live when mining came and i remember watching them.
It was just ton of fun.

But after best set updates pw didn’t got any really decent updates until card battles came, i really love it myself but it’s hard to find opponent nowadays.


when they balance the cards, I’m sure it will be easier to find opponents

Probably no, i don’t think anyone who enjoys card battle would wait for new cards before they come.

It’s just too small amount of people enjoyning it i guess.

expect during battle hour

jet race.

Wiring (who could’ve guessed)

In my opinion it was the update with the most new possibilities for user generated content. It also allows for much more ways a player can interact with your world, rather than just walk around and look at it.
Also, since logic gates are a real thing, there are a lot of resources that aren’t even related to Pixel Worlds which can still help you learn Wiring (of course Wiring in PW has a couple differences, but especially the basics are not far off from how the gates work irl).


Wiring is nice but I’m still waiting for a second one ://////


my favourite update was samuraiii. brought all the actually useful things like quests iirc


The clan update was the best one for me
Before clans it was extremely hard to find people who are like me
And if i did find any they would just disappear after a month or 2

But gameplay wise, mining was the best update
It combined so much already existing things and brought new ones along while making it actually fun to grind (well kinda fun)


Clans and the update that added quality of life, I think. Too bad they don’t work on adding more clan features. Clan PVP was a flop, and my clan is max level now so there’s nothing I can do


favorite update:

Thanks for reading


The Pets update. As a poor boi at that time, the pets were the closest thing I had to a familiar, which I couldn’t afford in either locks, gems, or bytes. I got it on launch day, named my dog Nate, and trashed him mere months later because taking care of him was pretty demanding for my gems! A few more months later, I got a bytie familiar from my friend SLOK, which I have used to this day.

Thanks to that guy by the way! :smiley:


back in 2017 when I first joined, there wasn’t much. Fishing was really profitable if you could afford it, and farming was the best affordable way of profit at the time. In my opinion, the Mining update, Pets update, and the Cards update were awesome. But if I were to chose one update? It would be Cards 100% for sure as it brought the most fun in this game.

fishing was released in 2018 tho

nether update is my favorite update

It was?? Hmm maybe it was in 2018 then. I swore I thought fishing was released in 2017