What was your first legendary?

well my first legendary is SHOUTGUN (selled) then what is your first legendary (can be anything)you can discuss too :smiley:

Sir laser helmet in 2019, barely had any wls back then. Not really much change till now though.

Unicorn horn got from chocolate box at 2018

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uh… frost cape? my brain cannot proceed to memorize

Frost cape, and i absolutely loved it

Frost cape was originally ultra rare


So i remembered correctly.
But Frost cape is Legendary now, and it’s probably the only legendary I’ve ever gotten if I’m correct.

Berserker cape from the viking booster on my first PW birthday iirc

Shoutgun (20 characters)

My first legendary was in 2017 or 2018 it was the sci-fi glasses

My first legendary? Probably santa jacket and when i got back playing i got plasma gun

mine was night chick boots in 2018.

Thor Helmet that was given to me by my friend. Still kept it till today.

Frost cape, in december something… i was just 13-20 days old lmao
i mean ice queen cape!!!

Golden Helmet thingie that I forgot it’s name as of now and totally wasn’t playing PW back then (2016-2019)

The Katana from the Samuraii booster. I still have it since I got it. :smile:

My first legendary was a Slayer sword. I got it cuz i was bored and opened some boosters back in 2017

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Leaf Claymore in 2018 , before i sold it cuz people said it drops.From booster

SLAYER SWORD that i got from the Booster :ok_hand:

My first Legendary.