What's in your bank?

Another thread about the Bank Bot got me curious: What kind of uses do you have for the bank feature? In short, share what you’re storing there (if it’s not too private)!


  1. Post a screenshot of your Bank Bot contents.
  2. Don’t edit the bank before taking the screenshot, just post whatever’s in there at the moment!
  3. Don’t share your actual bank information.

Here’s mine:

Now that I look at it I realize it’s cluttered with stuff that shouldn’t even be there. Could replace most of this stuff with something that’s actually convenient.


You opened to gates of the flex demons
Your sins will be punished


Barely fits all my untradeables

Hah, you can’t stop me!

(Please pretend this is totally my real bank information)

That aside, here’s what I’ve got in my bank bot:

I dont have enough space to show it all lol image

If I felt like clearing it I would have used it for spikebombs only


Usually just the remains of event items and untradeable items I don’t use.

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I only bought the bank storage so i can store my untradables and have some extra space in my inventory when i don’t need them. :smiley:

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I mainly use my Bank Bot for Untradeables that I don’t use/carry regularly (I don’t mine that often so I store my Dark Stones/Nuggets there and I don’t wear those IAP Clothes often) and for Event Items (Like the Lost Souls, Halloween Candy, Cloverleafs etc.). I also store those Bronze Tokens there, because I am unsure if I want to combine them into Silver Tokens or buy Spectrum Hairs.

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Just all my untradetable items =P

i dont use it much only to store the items i got from buying the gem packs as i dont really use them. also the stone because it takes up space.

I just realized that my Bank Account is pretty messy. Maybe in the future I’m going to place my untradable items in there.

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Embarrassing :v

Mostly used for untradables

Bad bank ngl

Not to be off-topic, but this is all I hear when reading the thread title



I’m just too lazy to store my pet adventure loot somewhere else.
Anyways, just don’t mind how poorly I use the Bank Bot.