Whats the best method to earn alot of bc?

Im a new player and the game is completely different from growtopia , I don’t know what are other methods to get byte coins.

simple solution

what does that supposed to mean ?

there is no “best” method to earn byte coins and currently you should find other games until pixel worlds has a full developement team

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I see, well im not going to find others games since I really enjoy playing pixel worlds.

Mining is the fastest and most tiring way to earn byte coins.


Ignore antonis, he’s the same person who suggested I trash all my items for fun. The game has had the same methods of profit for over 5 years, so what he’s saying about the development team makes no sense.

you can profit by fishing, mining or nether. If you prefer a more passive income fishing or PWE investing is the way to go.


you keep saying i told you to trash ALL of your items and in general you are misinterpreting what i originally said -,-

I never said that you told me to trash em all, we went over this already.

but you sure are telling it to other people

Oh, I understand how one may confuse my definition of all my items, when I mean trashing all my “hoards”

PWE investing is interesting , can you tell me more about it?

Buy low sell high

That’s probably it

Mining is the best for starters while trading and gambling are the best for richer pixelians.


For me there is no right nor wrong method

For one some people are better miners than others, same goes for fishing etc etc.

Secondly the two methods mentioned actually require heavy investment to get the big paydays …

You should probably try everything and do what you enjoy.

Even world hunting is profitable, more so over time if you build up a large storage of reclaimed blocks/seeds.

Your question is interesting to me because I don’t mine and have only really dabbled with fishing, although that’s growing…
I’m upgrading 3 different rod’s right now.

Also I have in the last month been blown away by how much you can make from farming …

To put this into context I’m now at 400+ mixed trees, there is 560 or so if I recall.

Yet i have spent nothing on any of them… I could in theory farm with no sets (clothes) and just use my fists … As such for free

I’ve sold so many 100-500 coin items I’ve grown myself … it’s incredible …

Ok these are a bit special but here’s a pic i took today - these can’t be mixed btw …

So in short lots of things are profitable

Events would be another i have made a fortune from …

As for gambling. Really? I can’t believe someone suggested it …true gambling is about risk. Knowledge of what works best in a given situation in the game is how these dudes profit there. That takes time .

Also it should be banned … Only saying

Anyone putting the game down should in my opinion leave the forum and go and do something else … If they don’t like it then leave !.

Enjoy, i do