Whats the most expensive item now?

Hello guys. The last time i touch this game was like 2019?? And i played since 2017
So it was known to me back then the most expensive item was like dark pixie wing. It was like 30pl?? Now the currency has changed i have no idea how it works anyways. Everything in million bytes???

So whats the top most expensive item right now?? Im curious someone pls tell me hahaha
Ty have a nice day guys

I think was Dracula Cape owo

Ah yes thats like the second most exp item back then

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WHAT IS MORE EXP than drac cape???



Maybe I shouldn’t have quit for 1 year :sweat_smile:

Wth is thatt?? Isnt that cheap af?

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There are only one pair of Red Glasses in the game which were gifted for players by devs

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Ahh thanks. Still i rly wish to know how much are dark pixie nowadays. I dont see anyone having it lol. Cthulu wing or dracula cape.

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Our comrade ( me) made up false info about items prices of dpw and dc , actual prices:

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Maybe bulbie?

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@Tellcode What is Bulbie?

It is a one and only familiar. It was given to some influencer or artist but he gave it away or sold it, no confirmed information though.

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@Tellcode wanna meet in PW?

Eh sure, if I get free time.

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I guess soil block idk :nerd_face:

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Currently Dark Pixie Wings are 90 million byte coins (3600 Platinum Locks) and Dracula Cape is 300 million byte coins (12000 Platinum Locks). Items like Red Glasses, CC Brown Hair and Bulbie are usually around Dracula Cape price.

Ok there are rich players.

But 300M, come on…

You would be surprised. Truly.

Ah thanks alot for the info lol
I still rmb back den dp was like 60pl and drac cape was 80pl sheesh