What's the Point?

Hot Take. What’s the point in having 3 range on a weapon when we cannot use it for ALL of the game’s mechanics, i.e nether, secret base, etc. I have heard that the range is mainly for PvP, but PvP is one of the least popular activities in the game, I hardly find any players who log on and immediately say, “Oh I cannot wait to play some Pixel Worlds PvP!!”. Why give us weapons that could give us an even more efficient grind in other game mechanics, but then make it so we cannot use it? That’s all just curious.

The dungeons are designed to be played with 2 range. I don’t see a problem because I’m using the green laser sword which is 2 range. 3 range is very useful to me and I use it on daily basis. You know how many butterflies I’ve gotten because I had 3 range? About 2-3.