What's up with the blanket ban on lore hints?

If you ask a developer about the lore, NOBODY is gonna tell you even though they fully know the solution to it. That’s because there’s a blanket ban on all stuff related to lore.

It seriously cannot hurt to give us a small subtle hint once in a while. If we don’t get at least gentle nudges, we’re gonna lose interest eventually because of the puzzle being incredibly hard to solve.

“but you’re supposed to solve it yourself” - You’re also supposed to solve escape rooms yourself. Yet, you can ask for small hints if you feel really stuck.

I’m seriously tired of the devs knowing it but being like “hey, I know it but I won’t share it with you because oThErWiSe yOu’Ll fIgUrE iT oUt” and not dropping like a small hint or 2.

We’ve been stuck on the literally same thing for 2 years now and we don’t feel that we’re going to “just solve it”.

In GT, their secret got solved in 2 years. But that’s because GT had a bigger community of people willing to do that. There aren’t people willing to do that here because there AREN’T CLUES. The only things we have are “emerald” and a few stuff that we don’t even know if it does belong to the lore or not, such as one light being off in PIXELSTATION or if these are just red herrings.
In GT, people also KNEW that stuff belonged to their secret. If you get an item named “QR code part 2/4” you’re sure that it belongs to a larger thing.

And all it was about in GT is just going into a world starting with X, putting a crystal portal and setting the destination to a certain keyword.

The reason people are interested in it is because of the mystery around the whole topic, take that away and it loses all its fun. Devs probably spent a lot of time on adding all the lore so why would they spoil all the hard work?

Also, I’d say it is fun for the devs to watch us try figure out their puzzles.


I do not say “the lore solution”. I say “hints”. Even a simple word that doesn’t have any meaning if you don’t think about it more can be a hint.

EndlesS gave one hint lately on his instagram story when he asked people to ask him question so he could answer them, someone asked for a hint for the lore, and he gave a hint.
The hint was:

“Where’s F ?”


Interesting, didn’t know EndlesS was allowed to bypass this blanket ban.

They can’t give us hints every day or week, solving puzzles is meant to be hard, they probably don’t want this lore to be solved in 2-3 years.


I mean, lore of a game is supposed to be found by the players.


Lore might be hard to solve but honestly it’s kinda fun to search for new hints, try figure out fragments use etc etc…
Maybe it’s might be too hard to find some stuff related to the lore and discover what’s the use of the item that just got discovered but seriously it’s a fun thing to work to.

In my opinion it’s like a treasure hunt but 4x better because everything about the lore is mysterious.

Solving the lore but whats the reward? :face_with_monocle:

Jake is allowed to bypass it too, he had told us that the fragments have a use and that the rift world password portals don’t have a password to them.