What's your Bad RNG on your Mining experience?

Bad RNG means if you somehow dug down and accidentally fell onto lava trap and nowhere to escape and RIP
but i fell under monster trap with trio of rocky horror supported with maggots


The unluckiest rng for me was when there were only 6 enemies left I believe and I was very close to finishing level 3 mine and all of them attacked me at once, I had almost full health but I somehow still managed to die. And on top of that I was wearing a jet pack, it’s pretty ridiculous what had happened.

When 4 bats, 2 maggots suddenly appear, then you fall to 2 rocky horror + Lag
(Lag played a role for what happened)

The most unluckiest moment for me was when I finished a level 4 mine and when I was going to the exit I somehow managed to find a lava block and die to that. Finished whole mine only to die by a lava block when searching for the exit.

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I was once low on health and like 7 fartmans appeared and all hit at once

I guess losing the light and spending quite some time finding the exit would be the one. Can’t recall any other experience worse than that yet.

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There was that one time when I was about to exit a level 3 mine but I had like 1 percent of health left, a gassy suddenly appeared out of nowhere when I was just about to go through the portal door. I remember almost clicking it but the gassy pushed me away and I died

Exit: is a few blocks under me
“Oh wow”
rocky horror: “allow me to introduce myself”
“Oh no”
My health: “Ight imma head out”
“Oh no”
the 3 gassies that just spawned: “remember, no russian.”

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@Snorlax this one’s for you

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