What's your biggest loss in Pixel Worlds?

My biggest loss was the dropped mining gears, I guess I lost some platinum locks from the dropping xD

My biggest loss was when I bought mannequin mask for 150wls (before halloween) and I saddly sold it for 100wls because pwe price was manipulated.

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that’s not a huge but a sad loss, I hope you will take your 50 wls back with profitting :slight_smile:

Oh I have already I have total lost wls in whole game about 200

that’s nice! good job!

Losing 100 world locks because my world INB4 has no doors, i had to break the block entrance and my friend came and savagely came and tooked it.

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2 years ago I’ve been buying items for overprice and being desperate and selling them for less. What’s worse is those items that I have been buying are now worth 5x than than its price 2 years ago.

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Oh man, I know that feeling xD, just focus on the new profits you want to do man, look to the future!

:open_mouth: oh man! that should be realy bad! After that be careful you put the blocks to the right place :wink:

Your “friend” huh?
Doesn’t look so friendly ngl


A friend. (20 characters)

Maybe selling my pro water gun for a candy orb, right after the summer 2017 event.

xD I guess you should be more careful about the item prices

xD yea xDD (20 characters)

xDDD yep (20 characters)

This happens because doors are hard to make I mean they’re not farmable so.

That’s the reason why I’m suggesting another way to report. I’ll just forget him. Once he gets rich, he’d probably quit.

Yea, it is, happily you can get door seeds when you break doors :DD

That time back before I knew that items had different values, and I traded my wl for 50 spike bombs fp

:joy: big mistake man :sweat_smile: be careful about prices :joy::joy: