What's YOUR favorite food?

Whats ur favorite food mine is cheese usually i eat it with Wassabi.

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I love fruit, and I eat fruit too much.
Like 9 apples per day and much more xd
I can’t eat like heavy food or anything like that because of stomach problems.
So for me, fruit salad


Didn’t see ur threads

I very much like Pizza
And I’m always confused why people like sushi, the sushis I encountered smell pretty bad for some reason.

My go-to is burritos. Yum! :yum:

Sinigang, Adobo, Ice cream, Koko Krunch with fresh milk, Giniling, Fruits, Vegetables, Rice, Dinuguan, Bangus (Boneless), Egg, Hotdog cheese dog, Hamburger, Jollibee foods, Gravy with rice, and more!

Adobo, Sinigang Bangus/Shrimp, Adobo Squid, Calamares, Ice cream, Buttered Shrimp, Ginataang Shrimp (its like coconut sauce with veggies and squash), roast of anything, marinated bangus, pampano (its a meaty fish)

You from Phillipines?

Moose meatballs and fresh tagliatelle

spaghetti all the way

Tarator. Musaka. Guveche and Doner