Whats your favorite wings?

Mine is Dark Ifrit Wings which I have been trying to get for a VERY LONG TIME. And I got it just today

It took a while. But I finally got it!

Whats your favorite wings?

Hmmmmm that is tricky.Are we talking wings or all double jump items?

Well done on getting those wings …


I don’t have those nor the Tormentor wings … Both are high up there for me .

That said I like sets, and try and pick wings that look good with them

An example I’ve been wearing this xmas theme set a lot recently


Just wings, not other double jump items

This is still my favorite wings



Mechanical Wings and Golden Wings

It depends on the set, pure and simple as that

Best Wing Ingame Paired With The Best Familiar InGame

A few of my favourite sets with wings

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My favourite looking wings are by far tormentor wings but I can’t get a hold of them due to their price and missing out on the black tower

A bit late on the reply here, but they’ve got to be angel wings. May be the nostalgia from GT, but I simply love them.

Ima go ahead and say the flaming wings from one of the previous halloween IAP deals.

Ghost wings or nightmare wings. Not that I have either but I just look at people with them with extreme jealousy.

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