Whats your favourite anime?

Heyy whats ur favourite anime? or what category do you like? i prefer school/super power/ magic animes.I like my hero academia , mushoku tensei ,and etc

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One Piece, Attack of Titan and Dragon Ball!

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Aww I remember this, good times…


This is the original version.


Tove Jansson, the writer, spoke Swedish.


My favourite anime is N OA N I M E A T A L L

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I can say it was my childhood fav cartoon :blush:

This is also my fav anime, you know they have his hat in pw

I actually didn’t know they have, what is the name of it?

Naruto is my favorite anime. But I do like other anime, I just started and finished Attack on titan season 1-3
And one piece

its called Snufnomad Hat
and here is the link to it https://pixelworlds.fandom.com/wiki/Snufnomad_Hat

Oh I knew this item but I didn’t realised it’s inspired from him.

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None. Does not really attract my attention at all. Although, I used to watch them when I was 12.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. and Scissor Seven are my favourites.

Ah yes the best anime ever the moomins

Or idk i don’t watch anime