What's your TOP 5 games?

Hello pixelians! you know this forum is kinda dead and add up with peoples that telling about getting banned all the time, and most peoples I used to talk with left forum and quit pw. So I barely have anyone else that been on this forum for probably 2 years.

So i’m asking whats your TOP 5 most favorite games?

Mine is

  1. PVZ GW2 (plants vs zombies garden warfare 2)
  2. Fortnite
    3.PVZ BFN (Plants vs zombies Battle for Neighborville)
  3. Geometry dash
  4. PVZ (Plants vs zombies)
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  1. Extra lives
  2. Minecraft
  3. Pixel worlds
  4. Happy wheels
  5. Wrestling revolution

1.Fortnite Or Pw Im not sure
2.Hill Climb Racing 2
4.Cs Go
5.Stumble Guys (i Dont Play)

  1. Pokèmon
  2. Terraria / PW
  3. Minecraft
  4. Undertale / Deltarune
  5. life, is roblox

1st. Psychonauts. I will never forget you.
2nd. Final Fantasy XII.
3rd. Brawl Stars.
4th. LittleBigPlanet. I grew up with it.
4½th. Transformice. One of the first games I ever played on PC and it’s still rocking.
5th. Angry Birds 2. Your mom’s favorite.
Honourable mention. All Shrek games I ever have owned.
Another honourable mention for a Friv game I will never be able to ever find again.

Bro has 7 games in his top 5, respect

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I ever tried that game. It have alot of swearings and bad things on the chat tbh ._.

I just like playing as the shaman. I never really focus on chatting in that game anyway. @vanoyt383_pro

  1. albion online
  2. honor of king
  3. albion online
  4. honor of king
  5. both

what I don’t understand

minecraft 1.20.1 apk bedrock at is one of my choices at modilimitado