When did that happen?

i wasnt playing for a few months only cuz of low prices… now they are high but thats not what im talking about right now…
How am i supposed to do anything (im not even talking about disconnections which happens every 10 minutes when that never happened for 2k days i played) if an random bot now follows me in my world and spam his scams, bans, mute arent working obviously cuz he changes his name/skin so you cant even report that. Not like i cant play at all but thats annoying that he follows my world and not the others. SO the MAIN QUESTION - how to avoid it like other worlds do and what to do if they are already here joining you every second.

topic creator pov: bro join his world, stand still, nobody joins him and then boom bots joining for no reason :grinning:

a one thing is the reason of them joining your world i think is word ‘gem/gems’ in your world name… maybe